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“There are no hopeless situations. The most important is to believe and act!” Dr. V. Fodina

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13 Jun
Price changes – iVF Riga

We would like to draw your attention that from June 1, 2023, the prices for the services of the iVF Riga clinic are being changed.

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02 Jan
Information for patients: an Antigen Test

We would like to inform you that from January 1, 2023, patients who are scheduled for ovarian puncture or embryo transfer must undergo an antigen test for COVID-19 before each of these manipulations.

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31 May
Multidisciplinary view on the reasons for implantation failure in IVF cycles

On May 27, 2022 an international conference on reproductive medicine, andrology and genetics...

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01 Apr
Information for our patients!

Taking into account the mitigation of Covid-19 restrictions comes into force in Latvia from April 1, the requirement to show a Covid-19 certificate at the clinic...

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20 Dec
Welcome to our online store!

We are glad to announce that we have created an online store so that...

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01 Dec
New COVID-19 + Influenza Viruses Testing Panel

The laboratory of the iVF Riga Genetics Centre offers a new testing panel - COVID-19 + Influenza viruses.

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11 Oct
Important information for our patients!

We would like to inform that from Monday, October 11, for a period of three months, until January 11, an emergency situation...

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23 Aug
COVID-19 saliva tests

The laboratory of the iVF Riga Genetics Centre offers to perform COVID-19 saliva testing.

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09 Jun
IVF Riga Holding has created professional team

IVF Riga Holding has created professional team to help our patient with failed implantation.

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