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Lifestyle genetic testing

DNA genetic testing, which helps to gain more understanding of oneself and to identify the most suitable individual lifestyle and habits, can now be performed in Latvia as well!

We all have questions to which we seek answers daily. For some, it is the question regarding the right eating habits, regarding the vitamins to take and not to take, regarding weight control, getting more energy and strength in order to achieve the desired results, and, finally, regarding what cosmetic products should be used to maintain skin health and juvenility.

Now, our DNS testing, the Viva Genomics Lifestyle Genetic Tests, may help find the answers and improve your quality of life. We can claim this because, truly, your genes have an essential role in the functioning of your mind and body. Combined with the external environment factors, genetic variations can have substantial influence on the appearance, behaviour and health in general.

The following tests are available at our Genetics Centre:

  • Diagnostic Skin DNA Test
  • Metabolism DNA Test
  • Vitamin Metabolism DNA Test
  • Sports Achievements DNA Test
  • Behaviour and Mental Health DNA Test

The test can be done at iVF Riga Genetics Centre, and the test sample collection kit can be purchased on

For more information, please visit iVF Riga Genetics Centre website:


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