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Cancer Diagnosis

Onkoloģijas diagnosticēšana

Malignant tumour incidence rate in Latvia and in the world grows year on year. Depending on localisation, hereditary tumours account for 5-30% of consecutive cancer patients.

Timely molecular genetic testing enables understanding the disease and allows forecast its emergence and chose treatment strategy. With this test you can protect yourself and your loved ones, because if changes in genes that increase cancer risks are detected before they have developed, it is possible to do a timely risk assessment and chose the right diagnosis and risk mitigation options. If any changes in the genes that increase risk of cancer are identified, we recommend informing your family who can have the same mutation because they would also need testing to establish their risks. For ethical reasons, molecular genetic testing of underage children is done only in the event of specific hereditary tumour syndromes when tumour development is possible before the child reaches the age of majority.

iVF Riga Genetics Centre offers genetic testing for hereditary tumours

When would molecular genetic tests of hereditary tumours be necessary?

  • Cancer diagnosis at an early age;
  • Tumours in different locations in one patient;
  • Multiple primary tumours, especially in one location (e.g. breast or colorectal) in one patient;
  • Multiple close relatives with tumour in the same location (e.g. mother, daughter and sister with breast cancer, father and son with colorectal cancer);
  • Unusual tumour manifestation (e.g. breast cancer in men);
  • ongenital abnormalities associated with hereditary tumour syndromes (e.g. benign skin neoplasms).

iVF Riga Genetics Centre offers its patients genetic testing both for predicting risk of a specific hereditary cancer and to rule out the most common mutations in healthy people.

iVF Riga Genetics Centre also offers genetic consultations after testing to answer any additional questions about hereditary tumour development risks and necessary family genetic consultation.

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