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Penile Doppler ultrasound

iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre is the only andrology centre in Latvia accredited by the European Academy of Andrology.

The iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre specialises in two areas:

  • General men’s health check
  • Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility

The iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre offers penile Doppler ultrasound.

What can penile Doppler ultrasound tell?

The procedure includes determination of whether the penile arteries, called cavernous arteries, are functioning normally. Reduced blood flow in those arteries is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, especially in smokers, overweight men and men with high cholesterol levels.

Penile arteries are among the smallest vessels in a man’s body and that is why a cardiovascular condition may first manifest itself as problems with erection. During the procedure, the condition of the arteries is examined and it is determined whether it is the cause of the man’s erectile disorder or there is a risk of cardiovascular conditions, such as coronary artery stenosis or a heart attack. The procedure is painless and harmless.

At iVF Riga, the procedure is performed by Dr Juris Ērenpreiss, who has completed specialised training at the Florence and Rome University Hospitals.

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