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Donation of egg cells and sperm is widely used in the infertility treatment programmes at the iVF Riga clinic.

The iVF Riga clinic invites women of 18 to 34 years of age and men of 18 to 45 years of age with good mental and physical health for participation in the donor programme!

You have an opportunity to undergo a complete health check free of charge, including testing for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), other infections as well as an evaluation of the chromosomal set. You will help people who cannot have their own children for some reason.
You help today, someone may help you tomorrow!

The Donor Programme is completely anonymous. According to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, only information on the genetic and anthropometric data of the germ cell donor (height, weight, skin, hair and eye colour, blood type and rhesus factor, level of education, diseases) may be disclosed to the potential parents. No personal information about the donor or their photos are available.

You can register for a free consultation and ask your questions by calling iVF Riga on +371 67111117 or writing to

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