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Cervical canal polyectomy

Cervical canal polyp removal (polypectomy) is a minimally invasive surgery during which a polyp – a benign formation of the cervical canal mucosa with a stalk – is removed.

Cervical polyps are dangerous. They may increase the risk of bleeding, the risk of developing cancer.

Causes of cervical canal polyp include hormonal imbalance, stress, prolonged cervical inflammation; symptoms of polyps include bloody vaginal discharge, discomfort during intercourse, bloody discharge after gynaecological examination. However, it is also possible that a polyp does not cause discomfort and is found only in preventive gynaecological examinations.

Polyectomy (removal of cervical polyps) is performed through the vagina using special instruments under general aesthesia. During the surgery, the patient practically does not feel any discomfort. Polypectomy takes 10–15 minutes. It does not require any special preparation. The length of the patient's stay in the hospital is one day. During the postoperative period, bloody discharge may persist for about two weeks . If doctor's recommendations are followed, the risk of complications is minimal.

The acquired material is sent to the laboratory for histological examination.

After cervical canal polyectomy, women should have regular check-ups with their gynaecologist.

iVF Riga Clinic provides gynaecologist consultations if surgical treatment is needed. At our iVF Riga Outpatient Centre it is possible to perform various gynaecological surgeries, including cervical canal polyectomy.


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