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Every woman wants to be understood, supported, cared for, healthy and happy. Gynaecology is probably the most delicate branch of medicine; its mission is to take care of a woman and her health. The female sex sphere is very vulnerable and sensitive. An important aspect of a woman's health is reproductive health, which affects the health of her children to such a large extent. In order to maintain it, it is necessary to remember about regular visits to a gynaecologist, whose competence includes the assessment of physiological and pathological conditions of the female reproductive system at different stages of life, diagnosis and treatment of "women's diseases", patient counselling.

Special attention in gynaecology is paid to the prevention of various gynaecological diseases. Treating early-diagnosed diseases requires significantly less effort and material investment.

Every woman should have her own doctor – a gynaecologist who will be with her all her life and who can be relied on in the most responsible moments of her life. The gynaecologist must know all the individual features of your body, all the diseases you have had. The doctor – patient relationship must be trustworthy and friendly. The priorities of the iVF Riga Clinic are individual approach to each patient, friendly and attentive attitude and, of course, high qualification of the staff.

iVF Riga Clinic gynaecologists take care of the patient's health by providing gynaecological assistance.

We can offer:

  • Gynaecologist consultation
  • Consultation of a gynaecologist – endocrinologist
  • Comprehensive gynaecologic examination (consultation + ultrasound scan + blood tests as needed)
  • Gynaecological ultrasound scan
  • Oncocytological and microbiological smears
  • Tubal patency test (hysterosalpingogram)
  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy
  • Hysteroresectoscopy (operative hysteroscopy)

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