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Infertility Diagnosis

Neauglības diagnosticēšana

Comprehensive female/male fertility genetic tests

Female / Male Fertility Tests

iVF Riga Genetics Centre recommends patients to have comprehensive fertility checks before their first artificial insemination cycle to find the answer to the question why pregnancy does not occur.

The obtained results help avoid potential pregnancy loss risk factors and outline further tactics to achieve the desired result.

Indications for women if they have a history of:

  • Abortus habitualis (two or more missed ab.)
  • Pregnancy that arrested for an unclear reason in the second or third trimester.
  • Failed implantation (previous unsuccessful IVF treatment).
  • Early pregnancy loss (spontaneous abortion).
  • Premature ovarian failure.

Indications for men:

  • Azoospermia, oligozoospermia (zero or few sperm in the ejaculate).
  • After a year of regular unprotected sex does partner did not get pregnant.
  • Partner has a history of early pregnancy loss (two or more missed ab.).
  • Failed implantation in a partner (previous unsuccessful IVF treatment).

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