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Genetic Testing for Prospective Parents

iVF Riga Genetics Centre offers the following: Genetic testing for prospective parents!

It is important that people planning to become parents address this issue carefully and consciously in order to avoid potential risks. And we have a great opportunity to help you!

Only at the iVF Riga Genetics Centre: Preimplantation genetic testing of embryos at the chromosomal and gene level (PGT-A/PGS and PGT-M/PGD).

Genetic testing for those thinking about tomorrow – with us it is possible to get an in-depth diagnostic overview

  • for couples with infertility,
  • inability to complete pregnancy,
  • unsuccessful IVF attempts.

Today, medicine is becoming more and more aware of human genes and their mutations, which can lead to congenital pathologies and possible infertility. Every year, more and more real causes of infertility for men and women, the so-called "unclear" causes, are discovered. Accurate and detailed diagnosis is the key to successful treatment in any case – regardless of the diagnosis.

At the Genetics Center iVF Riga, consultations are provided by doctors –geneticists Dr. Liene Korņejeva, Dr. Ieva Grīnfelde.

During the consultation, the doctor – geneticist finds out the anamnesis, creates patient's family tree, analyses the existing risks of fetal chromosomal abnormalities, indicates tests for karyotype analyses for the prospective parents (blood genetic testing). Based on their results, the doctor provides a conclusion on the need for pre-implantation diagnostics (PGT-A / PGT-M). The PGT-A and PGT-M methods not only enable the selection of the morphologically best and viable, but also chromosomally healthy embryos and thus increase the probability of the implantation and clinical pregnancy already after the first PGT-A/PGT-M cycle.

Riga Genetics Centre iVF Riga is the only place in Latvia where pre-implantation genetic testing can be performed in its own laboratory.

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