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The Centre for Stem Cells

Cilmes šūnu centrs

The Stem Cell Centre iVF Riga is the ONLY STEM CELLS BANK IN LATVIA

Preservation of neonatal stem cells at the only Stem Cell Centre in Latvia is a unique type of biological insurance for the entire family.

The iVF Riga Stem Cell Centre, which is the first national stem cell bank in Latvia, not only provides the collection, treatment and storage of cord stem cells, but also their preparation for subsequent transplantation. All of the aforementioned processes take place here in Latvia and, therefore, it is possible to assure immediate availability, continuous monitoring and guarantees in a clinic with the highest reputation and highly qualified specialists.

All of the activities at our Stem Cell Centre are performed using the latest high-tech equipment. The treatment of the samples is performed exclusively in sterile rooms. The certificate issued by the State Agency of Medicines confirms that we are licenced to isolate and preserve stem cells in Latvia. Authorization No. AC-7 for the use of tissue and cells confirms that the Laboratory has been verified and meets the requirements set by Cabinet Regulation No. 1176 “Procedure for the Use of Human Tissues and Cells” of 22 October 2013, and is licenced to perform laboratory testing, treatment and preservation of stem cells in the territory of Latvia.

The staff of the Centre consists highly qualified specialists who constantly work to increase the level of their professionalism and improve their knowledge.

Preservation of stem cells during the delivery is a great opportunity for taking due care of the future of your children and insuring them against the possible risks and potentially harmful diseases.

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