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Dr. Violeta Fodina, CEO, reproductive specialist, gynecologist-obstetrician

Gynecologist or reproductologist?

Dr. Juris Ērenpreiss, internationally certified andrologist, sex pathologist, sexologist

Embryology laboratory iVF Riga

I want to become a mother at the age of 40

Dace Enkure, molecular geneticist, certified geneticist

iVF Riga laboratories

Dr.Med.Natālija Vedmedovska, Dr. of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Ultrasound Specialist

Embryo transfer

State - funded programs

Dace Serģe, Head of the Genetics Centre

Hepatitis, HIV and pregnancy

Syphilis and pregnancy

Dr. Natalija Požiļenkova, gynecologist, obstetrician, reproductive specialist

Laser Assisted Hatching

An embryo hatches out of zona pellucida after Laser Assisted Hatching

iVF Riga Stem Cell Centre

Elīna Vaidere, molecular biologist. Stem Cell Centre biotechnologist

Anna Dorondo, Head of Stem Cell Centre, Quality Manager

Maria Urbo, certified midwife

Dr. Tatjana Zaķe, endocrinologist

Baiba Iskrova, nutritionist

Dr. Liene Kornejeva. Doctor-geneticist, head of the genetics department

Dr. Marina Babuškina. Tumor genetic testing

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