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Preservation of stem cells

The only stem cell bank in Latvia!

More details regarding the preservation of stem cells is available on the website of iVF Riga Stem Cell Centre at

Take the opportunity of making an investment for the benefit of your own health and that of your children and preserve today what may help you tomorrow!

Cord blood stem cells can be obtained once in life, at the birth of a child.

Preservation of stem cells during the delivery is a great opportunity for taking due care of the future of your children and insuring them against the possible risks and potentially harmful diseases.

Considering the very rapid development of technologies, transplantation of cord blood stem cells will be widely used in several medical areas already in a few years.

Planning preservation of stem cells might be particularly significant when the family history contains data of developing cancers, particularly blood cancers, specific genetically inherited conditions, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Please note that preserving your child’s cord blood today might turn out to be a valuable investment in the future.

Preservation of neonatal stem cells.

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