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Male Factor

Vīriešu faktors

When male factor is the reason for infertility

Reproductive function is one the most important functions in the human body. Creation of a new life which ensures continuation of the family is a result of complex physiological processes (spermatogenesis, sexual arousal, erection, ejaculation, sperm). These functions are affected by our general health (vascular, neurogenic, endocrine system, psychological state, daily habits, immune system, etc.).

According to experts, about 10% of all married couples in Europe are infertile. Growing share of male factor infertility in marriage is especially noted. According to the latest data, male ‘contribution’ to infertility in marriage has started to exceed female. Over the last 20 years it went up from 30% to 50% and continues to grow. The quality of ejaculate speaks for itself. Normal sperm count in ejaculate in the beginning of the 20th and 21st centuries: while in 1949, 300-60 million sperm in 1 ml of ejaculate was considered a norm, in 2009 it was only 20-12 million per 1 ml. Over the last century, almost threefold decrease in sperm count has been observed. Such trend indicates progressive deterioration of ejaculate quality.

Are there any male factors that increase infertility risk?

Many factors can contribute to infertility:

  • Obstructive azoospermia (semen contains no sperm and seminal ducts are blocked or not developed) – Fructose and Alpha-Glucosidase Tests;
  • Non-obstructive:
    • Genetic (Klinefelter syndrome, Y chromosome microdeletions, CFTR (cystic fibrosis), balanced translocations);
    • Hormonal (thyroid dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, elevated FSH, LH levels, etc.);
    • Mechanical (various infections of reproductive organs or sexually transmitted infections, increased temperature of testicles, varicocele, sperm DNA damage – Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test;
    • Immunological (the body’s immune response to its own spermato – MAR Test ;

Andrology deals with the male Infertility Diagnosis and treatment.

iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre is the only andrology centre in Latvia accredited by the European Academy of Andrology.

At iVF Riga Clinic, you can make an appointment with Dr. Ērenpreiss, MD, PhD, an internationally certified andrologist, Academician of the European Academy of Andrology, the Head of the iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre.


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