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IVF manipulation – extracorporeal fertilization or IVF (in vitro fertilization)

When is IVF recommended for the treatment of infertility?

The IVF procedure is used for endometriosis, unsatisfactory sperm quality, etc. cases or in case of infertility of unknown aetiology. The effectiveness of IVF depends on many factors, including from the duration of infertility and the age of the woman. Thanks to the long-term use of this method of treatment, it can be convincingly stated that children who have been born with the help of IVF are not different in any way from children conceived in the natural way.

Legal aspect

According to Latvian legislation, the IVF/ICSI procedure can be used by heterosexual couples using either partner or donor sperm, as well as by single women up to 49 years of age.

How does IVF manipulation work?

The woman must undergo a course of ovarian stimulation (10–12 days) using special hormonal preparations. During this time, the woman needs to have ultrasound control 2–3 times. When the follicles reach a size of 18–20 mm, an egg maturation stimulant is prescribed and the day of ovum collection is scheduled.

Puncture – a manipulation performed under short-term intravenous aesthesia for acquiring eggs that are then placed in a special environment under laboratory conditions and fertilized with a sperm cell. Embryo growth and division are then observed, and on either the third or fifth day the placement of the embryo(-s) into the uterine cavity (embryo transfer) will take place.

After the embryo(s) have been transferred to the uterus, there is no need to follow any special regime, the patient can go home or to work. Physical or emotional strain should be avoided after the procedure.

After the embryo transfer, you will receive more detailed recommendations for the future use of medications. The use of hormonal preparations to maintain the functions of the corpus luteum and to promote successful implantation of the embryo is necessary until a pregnancy test is taken. A pregnancy test (determination of the level of HCG in the blood) is performed on the 14th day after the transfer of the embryo(s). Depending on the test results, your doctor will decide whether you should continue or stop taking the medications.

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