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State-of-the-art Technologies – EmbryoScope

EmbryoScope – A state-of-the-art incubator for the improvement of the embryonic development process and continuous video monitoring / recording

The latest technologies and even higher results

iVF Riga is the first clinic in the Baltic States which has introduced the EmbryoScope technology for IVF treatment. The EmbryoScop incubators are currently considered to be the best equipment amongst the artificial insemination technologies, and only a few clinics have it on the list of their services globally.

What is EmbryoScope?

EmbryoScope is an embryo incubator (a system where embryos develop before transferring them to the uterus) with the possibility of continuous real-time monitoring without removing them from the incubator as well as video-recording of the embryonic development. EmbryoScope has heating elements that maintain an optimal temperature and gas content inside the incubator to simulate physiological uterine conditions which are necessary for an embryo and allow it to grow in a safe and controlled environment without any interruptions throughout the embryo cultivation, thus causing no stress factors in the embryonic development. 

Indications for treatment infertility with EmbryoScope: 

  • Patients with unsuccessful embryo implantation in previous IVF cycles
  • Patients with poor ovary cell or sperm quality
  • Patients over 35 years of age
  • Several terminated pregnancies

Advantages of using EmbryoScope:

It works as an innovative embryo selection tool.

The built-in camera of the EmbryoScope incubator continuously video-records all the stages of the embryonic development, enabling embryologists to:

  • Select the highest-quality embryos in order to achieve the highest results of implantation
  • Exclude further use of abnormally developing embryos for the transfer

Exclusion of Any Stress Factors During the Processing of Embryos

In the standard infertility treatment processes, such as IVF or ICSI, embryos are to be removed from specially heated incubators for routine testing purposes in order to evaluate their development and select top-quality embryos for the transfer procedure.

Research studies show that the use of EmbryoScope for embryo cultivation improves the outcome of a successful IVF treatment and onset of pregnancy by up to 20%.

In 2018, the Embryo Laboratory of iVF Riga installed and started operating the EmbryoScope+ incubator, which is the latest-generation, state-of-the-art technology for the improvement of the embryonic development process and also continuous video-monitoring and recording.

The new EmbryoScope+ enables cultivation of up to 16 embryos for 15 patients simultaneously, which is twice as much as in the previous version of the system.

The incubator comes with a barcode system for patient identification. The latest version of the system features improved embryo image analysis functionality, even more controlled conditions for embryo cultivation to eliminate any stress factors originating from the external environment.

We are certain that using the new equipment will enable us to achieve even higher results!


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