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Help after Unsuccessful Cycles

Palīdzība pēc neveiksmīgiem cikliem

An innovative solution for those who have gone through multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles

NEW from iVF Riga Clinic! Now we can help those couples who have encountered the following fertilisation problems:

  • only few of the multiple eggs were fertilised and embryo (blastocyst) development did not happen at the right rate;
  • embryos have been cultivated until the third day and transferred, but pregnancy does not occur;
  • embryo development stopped before the fifth day and transfer was not possible;
  • only few of multiple fertilised eggs developed until the fifth day and the transfer was done, but pregnancy did not occur.

Every day we work to find answers and provide solutions. And yet again, iVF Riga Genetics Centre has developed a new genetic test that will help diagnosing abnormal embryo divisions. It may be one of the reasons why egg fertilisation fails, embryo (blastocyst) development stops or a pregnancy does not occur or its progression us arrested even though the embryo (blastocyst) has developed to the stage required for the transfer. Having done the test, we will be able to tell whether there are changes in the respective genes and, if there are, we will offer a solution to enable the couple to have a child and to ensure success of all stages of the cycle.

To make an appointment, call +371 67 111 117.

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