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Egg freezing

Olšunu sasaldēšana

Egg freezing and storage in iVF Riga Reproductive Cell Bank

iVF Riga Reproductive Cell Bank offers egg freezing and storage for patients.

Medical indications:

  • In patients with diagnosed oncological diseases (chemotherapy and radiation therapy lead to failure of the reproductive system).
  • Endometriosis – a progressive disease that causes mechanical damage to the reproductive system and leads to its destruction. As a result, egg production capacity is reduced to zero.
  • Premature ovarian failure.
  • Ovarian surgery is expected.
  • Adverse social and occupational factors affecting reproductive health (harmful production site, emotional burnout syndrome ...).

Such patients are expected to have their eggs frozen before starting the treatment.

Social indications:

Female reproduction is not eternal, and the number of eggs decreases over the years and they become less valuable. Today's technological development gives women the opportunity to secure themselves for the future in time!

  • In cases where the right partner has not been found, or after a divorce, a woman wishes to take a break before starting a new relationship. It is possible to keep eggs for future.
  • The technology used today allows frozen cells to be used to their full potential without affecting their quality during the thawing process.
  • This service is useful for women who are not yet ready to start their own family, but want to start a career or complete their studies at university.
  • In order not to feel unnecessary stress and pressure from the society – "your biological clock is ticking". Such expressions often impose the obligation to produce offspring, simply because it must be done before it is too late.
  • Unlike sperm, eggs do not regenerate, their number is determined at birth. Since a large proportion of women today face premature egg depletion, freezing makes it possible to protect oneself against it.
  • If there is a family history of women who have suffered from infertility or premature egg depletion, it is worth taking care of yourself in a timely manner.
  • Frozen genetic material will help a woman avoid hormone therapy, the use of stimulation medications, or hyperstimulation in cases of artificial insemination. No repeated attempts will be required and embryo transfer will be possible during the female natural cycle.
  • “Be your own donor!” The body does not reject and recognizes its own genetic information.
  • Collection of eggs before freezing does not have a negative effect on the further development of cells, their number does not decrease. Stimulation drugs make several eggs mature at the same time (and not only one, as it is in the case of the natural cycle) and they all are collected.
  • Preparation for the procedure of obtaining eggs for storage is simple and quick, it will not affect your work or studies. It takes about 10 days, during which you will have to come to the clinic 3–5 times for a short examination. The manipulation itself is performed under mild anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. The next day after the manipulation, you can safely return to your usual course of the day!

Eggs are stored in the IVF Riga Genetic Bank and are available at any time!

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