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iVF Riga is a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Caring about our patients, we provide high quality, effective medical help to all who want to improve or check their health.

iVF Riga Outpatient Centre offers nutrition consultations for women and men.

Our nutritionist works with:

  • Patients with metabolic disorders;
  • Patients with hormonal disorders;
  • Patients with digestive system disorders;
  • Patients with cardiometabolic diseases;
  • Pregnant women who need professional recommendations;
  • Oncology patients;
  • Patients with micronutrient deficiency.

Our nutritionist will assess your eating habits and recommend preventive strategies related to nutrition and lifestyle.

To make an appointment, call (+371) 67 111 117; (+371) 25 641 022 or write to

Special offer!

At iVF Riga, you can get a metabolism DNA test, vitamin metabolism DNA test and nutritionist consultation for EUR 300!

Very often our patients buy these two DNA tests together. To get the maximum from your tests, we added a nutritionist consultation for just EUR 20. During your consultation, our nutritionist will explain your test results to you and give recommendations to improve your wellbeing and overall health.

Make your appointment by calling (+371) 67 111 117; (+371) 28 658 553 or writing to

When your results are ready, we will make an appointment with our nutritionist Baiba Iskrova for you.

Viva Genomics lifestyle genetic testing

Rediscover yourself on gene level and become a better version of yourself! For more information about IVF Riga lifestyle DNA testing, see:


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