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Is it possible to know when menopause will start?

Now we can answer when your menopause starts – let's get ready together!

The iVF Riga Genetics Centre has developed a special panel of analyses that will help answer the question of how soon a woman will go through menopause and whether she has enough time left to become a mother.


In which cases should it be done?

This diagnosis is especially important:

  • for women over 35 who are not yet planning a pregnancy;
  • if premature ovarian failure has been diagnosed – to understand how to act correctly for family planning.

The answer is based on the results of current ovarian reserve tests (AMH, FSH), as well as on the results of genetic testing. The test will show if there are changes in the genes that affect this process, and if such changes are detected, you will know that menopause will definitely come earlier and you should not postpone family planning. If, however, this is not possible at the moment, we recommend egg freezing.

It is important to note that even if the AMH and FSH levels are within the normal range, this can change over time, and no one knows how long the ovarian reserve will be all right. With our genetic panel, we can detect expected timing of the decrease in ovarian reserve and premature menopause, which means you can protect yourself by freezing your eggs in time.

Use medical advances for your own benefit and be ahead of the curve by making smart decisions!




Tests can be taken at the iVF Riga Genetics Centre, Riga, Zaļā Street 1, 2nd floor.

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