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Donation programmes

Our clinic offers various donation programmes (egg, sperm or embryo donation) to conceive and give birth to own child in cases when patients’ reproductive cells may not be used for in-vitro fertilisation.

We carefully select donors for each individual recipient in line with their personal preferences.

Our donors undergo comprehensive medical, psychiatric and genetic screening.

Clinic iVF Riga offers Egg Donation Programme with an individual donor, who will be selected for you only. We do not share donor eggs obtained during the stimulation cycle among recipients. You will receive all cells that will be taken from your chosen donor in one stimulation cycle.

iVF Riga offers Sperm Donor Programme using donor sperm to allow couples to have their own child in cases where male sperm cannot be used for fertilization, as well as for single women who want to become mothers. In our clinic, we use frozen sperm from local donors (iVF Riga Sperm bank) and European International Sperm Bank.

iVF Riga offer Embryo Donation Programme using donor eggs and donor sperm. Success rates of this treatment are very high because is uses cells of young and healthy people. In accordance with Latvian laws, embryos are donated to couples and single women.

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