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The Outpatient Centre iVF Riga offers a wide range of ultrasonography examinations, diagnostics and advice to men and women.

We are able to offer a unique opportunity to have a very accurate high-quality ultrasound diagnostics of various organs and tissues with an expert ultrasound system Voluson E8 featuring:

  • Extensive scanning area to see the smallest abnormalities
  • A sensitive colour doppler for checking the blood flow during the vessel examination
  • Ability to acquire an anatomically realistic image of any organ
  • The most accurate interpretation of results by an experienced ultrasound specialist

We also offer a wide range of medical consultation services, ultrasound examinations and diagnostics of:

  • Abdominal organs
  • Kidneys;
  • Bladder;
  • Thyroid gland;
  • Mammary glands;
  • Lymph nodes;
  • Any soft tissue;
  • Joints.

Advised by ultrasonography specialist, certified radiologist–diagnostician Dr. Nelli Rožina.

Only with a prior appointment: by phone (+371) 67 111 117; (+371) 25 641 022;

Breast ultrasound scan

During the breast USG examination, mammary glands are scanned with high-frequency sound (ultrasound) waves. During the scan, it is possible to visualise various pathologies without intervention. It is performed in women of any age, but mostly in girls and young women, pregnant and lactating women, as well as women with breast implants. It is advised to have the breast ultrasonography performed until the age of 35 as due to the density of breast tissue changes are better visualised. USG examinations are also used to regularly assess the dynamics of benign fibroadenomas and mammary cysts, inflammations (mastitis, abscesses). They are also used to diagnose other changes.

Ultrasonography of mammary glands is an optional method in women until the age of 35, as well as an auxiliary method in older women.

Ultrasonography of mammary glands should be performed:

  • If there are complaints about painful mammary glands, changes in their structure, palpable growth, discharge from nipples
  • To complement mammography findings
  • During lactation, if there are any complaints
  • 3 months after lactation
  • If hormonal contraceptives are used for more than one year
  • Before ovarian stimulation (before IVF)
  • Before and after a planned breast augmentation procedure
  • If a woman has a higher mammary gland cancer risk (if this cancer has been found in close relatives)

Mammary gland USG diagnostics is performed with a high-frequency probe.

Urgent ultrasonography of the mammary glands (as the first diagnostic stage) should be performed:

  • If any changes have been found in the structure of a mammary gland (e.g. during self-palpation)
  • If there is pain in the mammary gland 
  • If there is discharge from a nipple
  • If the shape of the mammary gland has changed

The examination is performed without any special preparation, but is recommended once per year for prophylactic reasons.

Ultrasonography of abdominal organs

Ultrasonography diagnostics of the abdominal organs and kidneys allows to assess the condition of various organs such as liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, stomach, rectum: position, shape, size, structure, etc., diagnose potential changes, discover latent pathologies at an early stage, and partially also discover functional disorders.

If needed, the abdominal ultrasonography can be complemented with doppler examinations.

If you develop abdominal or back pain, fever of unknown origin, or a digestive disorder, it is the right time for the USG diagnostics of the abdominal cavity. If there is a chronic disease, this examination should be performed no less than once per year as recommended by the responsible doctor. For prophylactic purposes, the USG examination of abdominal organs is recommended once per year.

This examination is recommended in the morning, on empty stomach or 6 to 8 hours after the last meal.

Ultrasonography specialist, certified radiologist–diagnostician dr. Nelli Rožina advises at our clinic. Only with a prior appointment: by phone (+371) 67 111 117; (+371) 25 641 022;

Thyroid ultrasonography

Thyroid USG diagnostics is performed with a high-frequency probe. Recommended in the following cases:

  • If any growth is found in the anterior wall of the neck
  • Neck pain or discomfort
  • Signs of thyroid disfunction

Thyroid ultrasonography is mandatory for patients:

  • With the history of thyroid diseases
  • Healthy patients who reside in ecologically unfavourable or industrial areas
  • Women with mammary gland and/or gynaecological pathologies

If there are indications, a biopsy of the thyroid growth is recommended, as well as a histological analyses of the collected tissue. Your doctor will determine the frequency of repeat examinations (but no less than once per year).

Thyroid ultrasound does not require any special preparation.

Testicular ultrasound diagnosis (USG)

Performed to determine the morpho-functional condition of testis, their epididymis and ductules. Used to diagnose oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OAT) and azoospermia.

NB! This examination is absolutely mandatory if there are unclear formations, in particular, if they are painful, dense areas, nodules or growth in the scrotum sac to exclude the possibility of any tumours.

Transrectal Prostate Examination

Done for the purpose of establishing the status of the prostate, the excretory duct end section and the morpho-functional condition as well as for a complex diagnostic OAT testing of the testes, and diagnostic testing for azoospermia and ejaculation disorders. In suspected prostate malignancies as well as in some other cases, the examination may be supplemented with a puncture for the collection of a tissue or fluid sample.

Ultrasound diagnostics during pregnancy

During the pregnancy, ultrasound examinations allow to:

  • Exclude the most important and dangerous foetal development pathologies
  • Find a failed pregnancy
  • Accurately determine the onset of pregnancy in case of irregular menses or when the time of conception is unknown
  • Timely diagnose pregnancy complications
  • Control foetal development and wellbeing

The iVF Riga offers a unique opportunity to have very accurate high-quality ultrasound diagnostics, as well as screening during the pregnancy with an expert ultrasound system Voluson E8 featuring:

  • Extensive scanning area to see the smallest details
  • Sensitive colour doppler to examine circulation in vessels during an echocardiography
  • Accurate diagnostics of the foetal development and ability to detect the slightest of abnormalities
  • Ability to acquire anatomically realistic images, incl. a colour image of your child’s face
  • The most accurate interpretation of results by an experienced ultrasound specialist

Advised by Natālija Vedmedovska, Dr. Med., Associate Professor of clinical medicine in obstetrics and gynaecology, very experienced ultrasound specialist.

Only with a prior appointment: by phone (+371) 67 111 117; (+371) 25 641 022;

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