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Infertility: can it be treated?

Consultation with fertility specialist

If a couple cannot conceive, they should not delay a visit to a specialist who can offer treatment in such circumstances. Infertility may have various causes, but in most cases it can be diagnosed and treated. Precise and careful identification of the cause of infertility is the foundation for a successful treatment regardless of the diagnosis.

What happens at the consultation?

The first consultation is extremely important, as often it is where the direction of further actions is identified. In addition to the conversation with the couple, the first visit includes medical history taking, an ultrasound scan and a gynaecological examination, after which the doctor will draw up a provisional plan of further examinations. Male, female or both in the couple can be infertile, that is why both partners have to be tested.

Normally the doctor asks the following questions:

  • How long the couple has been trying to conceive?
  • Whether the partners have had any previous treatment?
  • What examinations they have had?
  • What the couple thinks the reason of infertility may be?
  • How the problem has affected each partner’s life (their relationship, work, self-esteem)?

The patients and the doctor should develop full mutual trust and it will help the couple open up, not to be afraid to ask any questions and discuss their problem freely. It is also supported by a nice and relaxed atmosphere and friendly, professional approach of the iVF Riga team.

Treatment of infertility requires time, patience and perseverance. Before starting the treatment, you must be sure that you have received all information and all answers to your questions. Before visiting our fertility specialist, we recommend making a list of questions and bringing all documents related to your previous treatments, diagnostic results and reports with you.

Turning to professionals for help, you are making the right choice. We thank you for the trust you place in us by taking this step. Our team of doctors, embryologists, geneticists, biologists, nurses and coordinators will do everything they can to help you.


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