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Freezing of embryos

Embriju sasldēšana

Embryo freezing and storage in iVF Riga Reproductive Cell Bank

iVF Riga Reproductive Cell Bank offers embryo freezing and storage for patients.

If more embryos have been obtained after fertilization than required for embryo transfer, or if embryo transfer is not possible during the current cycle, then embryos can be frozen at very low temperatures and stored in liquid nitrogen at the patient's request. These embryos can be used for retry if the previous transfer was unsuccessful and if the couple wants more children in the future.

Embryos are frozen on the same day as the embryo transfer, or if they are 3-day-old embryos, it is possible to grow them to the blastocyst stage and then freeze. When the couple is ready for a baby, the embryos are thawed and can be used for a second attempt (if there is a negative result after the ART procedure and/or when planning another baby).

Embryos are thawed on the day of embryo transfer and transferred to the uterine cavity along with fluid using a thin catheter and ultrasound control. This procedure is completely painless and takes place without aesthesia.

Sometimes the preparation of the endometrium (uterine lining) with hormonal therapy is required first, and ultrasound control is always essential; re-stimulation and ovarian puncture are not required.

iVF Riga Clinic special offer:

If you have frozen embryos that are stored in other clinics in Latvia, we ensure safe transportation of such embryos to our clinic in Dewar flasks without damaging the frozen embryos.

All transport costs are covered by our clinic!

Please contact our Patient Coordinators for more information!

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