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Prenatal care

Grūtnieču aprūpe

Prenatal Care Centre iVF Riga

Pregnancy is the most miraculous time in a woman's life. Pregnancy makes a woman really adorable. It is a time of exciting waiting and pleasant care.

One of the main tasks of an expectant woman is to take care of her and her child’s health. During the pregnancy, you need to be observed by a gynaecologist to make sure that you child is born health. You can perform all the necessary pregnancy–related tests without having to leave our clinic.

The Prenatal Care Centre iVF Riga provides the following prenatal care services:

  • Pregnancy registration (preparation of all formal documents incl. a pregnancy passport)
  • Laboratory tests (urine and blood tests, smears)
  • USG (ultrasound) examinations including 3D/4D USG scans
  • Genetic tests (screening) between pregnancy week 9 and 11 and between pregnancy week 15 and 18
  • Women with a high risk of foetal genetic abnormalities are recommended to undertake an amniocentesis testing during which amniotic fluid is sampled and examined for genetic defects
  • Daycare inpatient services for medicinal support at our clinic (iron drip infusion, etc.)
  • Cardiotocography: a procedure that allows to assess the foetal condition during later stages of the pregnancy.

It is advisable to have a consultation while you still plan a pregnancy or when you have a positive pregnancy test.

Prenatal care — Amniotic sac rupture test AmniSure

AmniSure is a quick, non-invasive test that helps in discovering amniotic sac rupture in pregnant women. It is a very accurate and sensitive test that allows to find even the smallest amount of amniotic fluid in the vagina. It ensures a highly accurate and timely diagnosis, as well as simple interpreting that allows gynaecologists to implement adequate measures to prevent complications.

The sample is taken with a sterile swab inserted just 5-7 cm into the vagina. The result can be read in just a few minutes.

The Prenatal Care Centre iVF Riga specialises in high-risk pregnancies.


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