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Coronavirus and male sexual health

It is known that coronavirus spreads mainly through the human respiratory tract (by coughing, sneezing, breathing), but the actual question is, can it also spread in a sexually transmitted way? Current studies show that in a small proportion - about 15% of men with COVID-19 infection - coronavirus is found in semen. However, 30 days after infection, it is no longer detected in almost anyone.

It is not clear at the moment, whether men who have the virus in sperm can infect their partner through sexual contact, but as a precaution, men with COVID-19 infection should use protection during sexual contact for at least a month. In the case of an active COVID-19 infection, it is recommended to distance from your partner in order to protect the partner from possible infection by airborne or droplet transmission.

At the iVF Riga clinic, we provide assistance to couples, mostly with serious fertility problems, who often require IVF treatment.

And of course, the main question is –

Can we use for IVF treatment the sperm of a man who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 infection?

It should be noted that this is absolutely not a problem for the currently available medical technologies, since for many years it has been possible to use the sperm of men with other viral infections - hepatitis, HIV. Just in such cases, special additional sperm processing is required to separate the sperm from the virus.

Another question – would it be wiser to wait until a man is completely recovered from a viral infection, since it can certainly affect his general health, as well as the quality of his semen?

If possible, it is definitely the right choice. However, if IVF treatment cannot be delayed for some reason (and such cases are possible, for example, if a wife is being treated and prepared for IVF, and her husband is suddenly diagnosed with an infection), then there is no reason for concern, since modern medical technologies are available for safe IVF treatment.


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