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Andrologist Consultations

iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre is the only andrology centre in Latvia accredited by the European Academy of Andrology.

On 5 February 2020, the European Academy of Andrology certified the iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre as the only centre of expertise in this field in Latvia.

What does it mean for our patients?

The European Academy of Andrology is a European standardisation authority in this area. It is a group of andrology and urology specialists setting forth standards for diagnosis and treatment of male patients with fertility problems and other men’s health issues, including treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Ērenpreiss, MD, PhD, an internationally certified andrologist, Academician of the European Academy of Andrology, the Head of the Andrology and Urology Department at iVF Riga, believes that erectile dysfunction, problems with urination and especially infertility are the signs that the body is in need of urgent help. If a man worries about something or feels even the slightest discomfort, it is probably time to see an andrologist or a urologist, and it’s better to do it at once.

Andrologist consultation

Andrologists treat men only. Andrology patients can be divided into 4 groups or topics:

  1. Male infertility. To diagnose it, the andrologist will run a sperm test, hormone blood test, testicle examination (including an ultrasound scan) and urine and seminal fluid culture tests (to rule out inflammation). In the event of severe infertility, additional genetic testing is done. Treatment depends on the identified cause and can be anti-inflammatory, hormonal, surgical, recommendation to change lifestyle, etc. In more serious cases, artificial insemination may be recommended.
  2. Male reproductive hormone disorders and diseases. Complaints and symptoms depend on when hormonal disorders occur. In more serious cases they are hereditary and interfere with normal puberty or sexual maturity. Hormonal disorders may also develop after puberty in young and middle-aged men. Older men can develop late-onset testosterone deficiency (especially those who also have other conditions). Treatment of each case is individual depending on the cause and time of occurrence of a hormonal disorder.
  3. Male sexual dysfunction. It may be decrease or loss of libido (the most common causes are hormonal disorders or psychological issues, such as stress or worries, which may lead to this adverse effect). Erectile dysfunction is the most common one and can have various causes: psychological (more typical for young men), damage to penile blood vessels (atherosclerosis, typical for middle-aged or older men who smoke or are overweight, as penile arteries are among the smallest arteries in the male body, so vascular disease may first manifest itself as erectile problems: to establish that, the andrologist will carry out examination of blood vessels or Doppler ultrasound), hormonal disorders or neurological disorders. Another common problem, with which men come to see andrologists, is premature ejaculation. It may be hereditary or develop later in life (usually as a consequence of a urogenital infection).
  4. Inflammatory diseases of male reproductive system. Inflammation can affect testes and prostate. Sometimes men feel it as pain, burning sensation or discomfort during urination. However, quite often its does not present any symptoms and men come to see a doctor because of infertility or sexual disorders.

When should you see an andrologist?

Andrologist consultation is recommended:

  • if a year of regular unprotected sex does has not resulted in pregnancy;
  • if there are regular problems with erection that have made sex impossible in the last 6 months;
  • if there are ejaculation problems;
  • to choose a method of contraception;
  • if there are other questions related to men’s health.

At iVF Riga Clinic, you can make an appointment with Dr. Juris Ērenpreiss, MD, PhD, an internationally certified andrologist, Academician of the European Academy of Andrology, the Head of the iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre.

Make an appointment: Zaļā 1, Rīga, tel.: (+371) 67 111 117; (+371) 25 641 022;

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