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ESHRE results 2014 (Pregnancy rates,%) ICSI, woman age iVF Riga results 2020 (Pregnancy rates,%)
35,8   Average 47%
53 <35 59%
37 35-37 53%
- 38-40 41%
- >41 33%
ESHRE results 2014 (Pregnancy rates,%) PGT, woman age iVF Riga results 2020 (Pregnancy rates,%)
50   Average 66%
49 <35 74%
51 35-37 70%
- 38-40 80%
- >41 40%
ESHRE results 2014 (Pregnancy rates,%) FET (Frozen embryo transfer) iVF Riga results 2020 (Pregnancy rates,%)
27,6   65%
95 Survival rate
ESHRE results 2014 (Pregnancy rates,%)


iVF Riga results 2020 (Pregnancy rates,%)
50,3 Cycles with Donor eggs (Day 5 embryos for the transfer) 68%
  Donor eggs + PGT 83%
48,7 Frozen Donor Eggs cycles 65%
85 Survival rate 92%
8,5 IUI 26%
csm Implantation Rates

Embryologists of iVF Riga clinic have prepared statistics: implantation coefficients in artificial insemination cycles after fresh embryo transfer (FET) and after thawed embryo transfer with PGT-A (according to old classification PGS) - pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos or pre-implantation genetic testing.

PGT-A allows the selection of genetically competent embryos for transfer, effectively increasing the rate of implantation, clinical pregnancy and successful delivery; reducing the risk of genetic pathology.

Especially recommended for women over 37 years of age and in cases of a history of: repeated failed IVF cycles (failed implantation); repeated lost pregnancy; in case of altered parental (one or both) karyotype.

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