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Outpatient Centre

Ambulatorais centrs

The Outpatient Centre and daycare inpatient facilities of iVF Riga offer planned inpatient treatment services: For patient convenience, our clinic houses the advisory, the administrative, the surgery unit and the in-patient facility within a single building. 

The in-patient facility offers various types of medical services:

  • Intravenous and intramuscular injections (with a specialist doctor’s referral)
  • Urology operations
  • Proctology operations
  • Gynaecology operations
  • Male infertility diagnosis operations
  • Operations with the use of stem cells

The outpatient centre iVF Riga also offers:

Medical advice from an endocrinologist - help to patients with hormonal disorders, thyroid gland disorders; metabolic syndrome; elevated blood sugar; diabetes.

Ultrasound scans (USG) - an opportunity of getting a highly accurate and high-quality ultrasound diagnosis for various organs and tissues using the expert-level ultrasound system Voluson E8; pregnancy USG (screening during pregnancy).

Medical advice from a certifies urologist for those who experience renal or bladder problems, i.e., difficulty urinating or urinary incontinence.

Acupuncture or needle therapy - an opportunity for improvement of health and well-being with the help of acupuncture. Medical advice at the clinic is provided by Dr Dmitrijs Poļaks, a qualified therapist with years of experience.

Medical advice from a nutrition specialist - help to patients with metabolic, hormonal disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiometabolic disorders, oncology; micronutrient deficiency. The nutrition specialist evaluates eating habits and provides recommendations for preventive diet and lifestyle strategies.

If necessary, our patient may opt for the VIP room service. For more convenient timing of the testing and treatment at the clinic, the outpatient centre iVF Riga offers a VIP room service. A VIP room is an individual hospital room with a separate WC and shower. For patient convenience, a VIP room features a Wi-Fi connection, staff alert button, professional assistance at any time, peaceful rest.

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