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Gynaecological ultrasound scan

2D gynaecological ultrasound scan

Transabdominal (through the front abdominal wall) or transvaginal (through the vagina) ultrasound scan of the organs of the lesser pelvis.

Transvaginal ultrasound scan can detect benign and malignant uterine and ovarian tumours, urethral pathologies, inflammatory processes, causes of urination disorders or urinary incontinence, early pregnancy and also can monitor ovarian follicular apparatus during infertility treatment.

Successful transabdominal ultrasound scan requires full bladder, which means that it is recommended to drink 500–700 ml of liquid 2–3 hours before the examination. This examination is recommended to be done once a year as prevention even if there are no complaints.

If any abnormality is found, your doctor will recommend further examination frequency.

3D gynaecological ultrasound scan

Three-dimensional gynaecological ultrasound scan is effective in the diagnosis of internal genitalia, uterine mucosa (endometrium), ovarian pathology, as well as in determining the localization, size and developmental dynamics of benign and malignant tumours.

iVF Riga Clinic experienced certified gynaecologists take care of patient health by providing gynaecological assistance and ultrasound diagnostics. iVF Riga doctors – specialists provide gynaecological ultrasound examinations, using the new generation Voluson E8 highly sensitive equipment, which allows to perform a wide range of ultrasound examinations.

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