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Genetic Testing of Missed Abortion Material

Pārtraukušās grūtniecība

What is genetic testing of missed abortion material?

Genetic testing of missed abortion material is the analysis of all chromosomes of the foetus (embryo) performed using the NGS method (Next Generation Sequencing allows detecting unbalanced chromosome rearrangements in autosomes 1-22 and in the X and Y sex chromosomes.

This method clearly tells whether a miscarriage has been caused by a foetal chromosomal abnormality. The test results can help patients identify the cause of a miscarriage and map a strategy for successful conception and pregnancy.

A DNA contamination test is done to rule out maternal DNA contamination.

Most common causes of missed abortions in the first trimester (until week 12 of pregnancy)

  • spontaneous foetal chromosome abnormalities;
  • chromosome abnormalities in the foetus in the event of a changed parental karyotype (translocation).

What to do if you had a spontaneous abortion?

You should collect the abortion material (chorion or foetus) and deliver it to the iVF Riga clinic as soon as possible: 1st floor reception, 1 Zaļa Street. The material can be placed in a clean sealable container and covered with physiological saline. The sample can be stored in the fridge for 1-3 days at 3-8 °C before being delivered to the clinic. If physiological saline is not available, the material can be stored in the fridge without any additional liquid or in pure water up to 12 hours or in the freezer without any additional liquid for a longer time before being delivered to the clinic. There are physiological saline container kits available for material collection at home in the event of a medical abortion. To get it, please contact us: +371 67111117,

iVF Riga Genetics Centre Lab performs genetic testing of missed abortion material in the first trimester (until week 12).

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