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Embryologist's tips – 2: Embryo kinetics

Embryo quality can be rated combining three indicators – morphology, kinetics and genetic.

Embryo kinetics is the rate of embryo development – the rate of cell division during a given time until embryo transfer, biopsy or freezing.

Embryo kinetics - Cell division

Embryo division after fertilization

  • t0 - fertilization time
  • t2 - division of the fertilized egg (zygote) into two cells
  • t3 - t8 - division into the corresponding number of cells

By estimating division time and rate, it is possible to predict the further embryo development into the blastocyst and the potential of implantation.

There are developed algorithms available in scientific publications that can detect embryo quality by cell division rate. This is one of the most advanced approaches for the selection of the right embryo.

кинетика эмбрионов

кинетика эмбрионов

кинетика эмбрионов

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