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Multidisciplinary view on the reasons for implantation failure in IVF cycles

On May 27, 2022 an international conference on reproductive medicine, andrology and genetics “Multidisciplinary view on the reasons for implantation failure in IVF cycles” was successfully held.

The conference brought together foreign and local lecturers, doctors, geneticists to discuss the latest techniques, developments and innovations in the field of reproductive medicine, andrology and genetics.

The programme of the conference was devoted to the problem of infertility and the reasons of failed implantation in IVF cycles from different aspects including uterine pathologies, immunological factors, coagulopathic disorders, male factor and genetic factors (embryo defects).

In her opening speech, Dr. Violeta Fodina, head and the leading specialist of iVF Riga Holding, emphasized that the aim of the conference is to understand and analyze the causes of failed implantation from different aspects, to choose the examination strategy for this group of patients, to discuss possible treatment options and assistance for patients with failed implantation. Dr. Fodina also noted that since 2021, a professional team has been created at the iVF Riga clinic to help our patients with failed implantation, which includes doctors: a gynaecologist-reproductologist, an andrologist, a geneticist, an immunologist and a research specialist.

Particular attention was drawn to the report of Dr. hab. med. Jekaterina Erenpreisa, Full member of Latvian Academy of Sciences, “Life origins, circadian clock, a cosmic height of the Waddington hill”. Participants appreciated a slightly unusual approach to the life origins and the development of embryos from the point of view of philosophy...

The presentations of our foreign lecturers aroused great interest. Elisabetta Baldi, associate professor of medical pathology at the University of Florence, spoke in her lecture about the impact of sperm DNA integrity in recurrent implantation failure and the other outcomes of the IVF cycles. Danilo Cimadomo, PhD, molecular embryologist, science and research manager of GeneraLife IVF (Italy), highlighted the issue of molecular biomarkers of the window of implantation.

Dr. Juris Ērenpreiss, PhD, an internationally certified andrologist, Academician of the European Academy of Andrology, the Head of the iVF Riga Andrology and Urology Centre, emphasized the role of sperm factor on recurrent pregnancy loss and recurrent implantation failure. The conference participants had the opportunity to make sure that men are still indispensable in the process of creating a new life!

The final session of the conference was devoted to genetics and the impact of genetic defects in the embryo (embryo arrest) on failed Implantation. The conference participants received an answer to the question in which cases it is advisable to use mosaic embryos for embryo transfer, and also learned about the influence of rare genetic diseases on the result of the IVF procedures.

We are grateful to our partners for their support and sponsorship! Special thanks to: SIA Merck, Gedeon Richter Plc. represent. in Latvia, SIA Biosan, UAB ViaMedPharma, UAB GryNumber Health, Cooper Surgical, Inc., SIA Quantum, SIA Snovi Group.

It is worth noting that the iVF Riga international conference aroused great interest – our participants had the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches to the treatment of infertility, participate in interesting discussions, and receive a lot of important and necessary information!

We hope that our conference is a good opportunity for the doctors to gain new knowledge that they can use in their practice in the future.

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