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Second opinion


A second opinion is a fresh interpretation of an established diagnosis or treatment plan proposed by a highly qualified specialist in a specific field of medicine.

You can contact the iVF Riga clinic for an expert second opinion in the following cases:

  • Unsuccessful IVF cycles.
  • Miscarriages.
  • You have been diagnosed with a genetic disorder, but want to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child.
  • You already have a child with a known genetic condition, but want another child.

Medical second opinion is provided by highly qualified medical experts with many years of professional experience in their field:

Dr. Violeta Fodina, Head of iVF Riga Holding, reproductive specialist, gynaecologist – obstetrician. Specializes in the treatment of complex infertility cases and gynaecological endocrinology.

Dr. Valerija Agloniete, reproductive specialist, gynaecologist – obstetrician. Specializes in infertility treatment, miscarriages, aesthetic gynaecology, gynaecological surgery.

How to get a Second opinion consultation?

To apply for a Second opinion consultation, please contact us:


  • You need to provide your data and send us all the examinations and recommendations that have been made, so that the doctor can review and make a recommendation for the best treatment approach, which he will inform you about during the consultation.
  • The doctor will review the documents you provide within 3 days. Your coordinator will contact you and inform whether the documents and examinations are sufficient. You may be prescribed additional testing that your doctor will consider necessary.
  • When all this is done, you will be informed of the date and time of the consultation (in a way that will be more convenient for you: in person or remotely).

In what cases is it important to seek a second medical opinion?

You can seek a second opinion for a variety of reasons:

  • Confirmation of diagnosis. Some medical problems can be complex and difficult to diagnose correctly. A second opinion can help confirm or clarify the initial diagnosis, ensuring you receive appropriate and correct treatment.
  • Explore different treatment options. Different doctors may approach therapy differently. A second opinion can provide alternative treatment options, helping you make informed decisions about your healthcare.
  • Complex or rare cases. In cases of rare diseases, it is useful to consult with several specialists with experience in a particular field. This will help provide a more complete and accurate understanding of the chosen treatment method.
  • Different medical opinions. Medical specialists may have different opinions about the best course of action in a particular case. Getting multiple opinions can help you assess these differences and make the right decisions.
  • Poor communication. Sometimes you may not understand the initial diagnosis or treatment plan clearly or completely. A second opinion can provide a clearer understanding of the situation.
  • Risk of surgery or serious treatment. When a major surgery or treatment is recommended, it may be necessary to ensure that all options have been explored and that the proposed intervention is truly necessary.
  • Chronic or long-term diseases. In chronic conditions requiring ongoing monitoring, a second opinion can help develop a more comprehensive and effective long-term care plan.
  • Ensuring inner peace. A serious diagnosis can be very stressful emotionally. A second opinion can provide confidence or another view that can reduce anxiety and help you feel more confident about your healthcare.
  • Dissatisfaction with current healthcare. If you are not satisfied with the medical care you received or the progress of your treatment, a second opinion can provide a new perspective on the situation.
  • Insurance or legal terms. In some cases, insurance companies or legal processes may require a second medical opinion before approving certain treatments or procedures.
  • Geographical accessibility. You may seek a second opinion from a specialist located in another region or country, especially if the required expertise is not available in your country.

Seeking a second opinion can be vital!

A second opinion can help you believe in the success of your treatment, and that means a lot! You should not be shy and understand clearly that seeking a second opinion is your right as a patient. This is not a criticism of your doctor. It is a new interpretation of your diagnosis or treatment plan and the best way for you to understand the situation and find the best solution to your health problems. Therefore, you should not keep this decision a secret from your doctor. Moreover, doctors themselves often refer patients for a second opinion to ensure that their diagnosis is correct. Your insurance company may also require a second opinion before approving your treatment.

By seeking a second opinion, you will be more informed about all available treatment options and better understand the possible side effects of each. And it's only after you see different expert doctors and collect the full details that you can decide which approach works best for you.

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