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Dr. Valerija Agloniete (ex Magomedova)

Dr. Valerija Agloniete (ex Magomedova) Dr. Valerija Agloniete (ex Magomedova)

Reproductive specialist, gynaecologist – obstetrician, healthy aging specialist

Field of specialisation

Reproductive specialist, gynaecologist – obstetrician, healthy aging specialist.

Specializes in infertility treatment, miscarriages, aesthetic gynaecology, gynaecological operations.

Education and experience

In 1993, she has graduated from the Latvian Medical Academy and obtained a doctor's diploma.

In 1994, she obtained the qualification of gynaecologist and obstetrician.

In 2002, she mastered the specialty in the field of reproductive medicine, infertility treatment and medical insemination at the International Centre for Reproductive Medicine, St. Petersburg (Russia).

Further she studied at Royal College (Great Britain), where she took courses in medical fertilization, infertility treatment and miscarriages;

was trained in operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in the Republic of Cyprus;

graduated from the International Academy of reproductive surgery in Belgium; Karl Storz courses on endoscopy in gynaecology in Italy; RUDN University in Moscow (Russia), Faculty of postgraduate education, Faculty of endocrinology, having received a specialty in reproductive endocrinology.

In 2014, she completed ultrasound training at the London Kind Hospital The Foetal Medicine Foundation in the UK.

In 2019 she received the qualification “Aesthetic urogynaecology. Microinvasive methods of pelvic floor correction in a woman” at the 1st Moscow State University.

From 2019 to 2022, she acquired knowledge and practical techniques for correcting the pelvic floor, anogenital, urogenital area using surgical, thread, laser and injection techniques, drug compensation and rehabilitation.

Further training

Regularly undergoes training in gynaecology and obstetrics, gynaecological endocrinology, artificial insemination.

Regularly participates in conferences of top managers of ART in different countries (Singapore, Australia, etc.).

Author of a number of presentations and scientific papers.

Specialist in postgraduate medical education at the University of Latvia and the P. Stradins University.

Organizer of a number of seminars, conferences and practical courses.

The owner of the patent "Prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome".

Co-author of the 2012 Fertility Treatment Guidelines.

Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Society of Human Reproduction.

Member of ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology).

Member of RAHR (Russian Association of Human Reproduction).

Board member of the Baltic Fertility Society (BFS).

Information for patients

- I can describe my work as introducing innovations of medical science in the treatment of patients.

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