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Welcome to our online store!

18 May

We are glad to announce that we have created an online store so that our services are available to you at any time – no matter whether you can come to us or not.

iVF Riga online store presents available services of iVF Riga Departments:

  • iVF Riga Clinic online consultations;
  • Saliva samples collection kits for the genetic testing and online consultations of the Genetic Centre;
  • Umbilical cord blood and Umbilical cord tissue collection kits of the Stem Cell Centre.

We will be much more accessible to you and will be able to resolve many things together faster and more effectively.

The new webpage is designed to make everything clear, and the functionality is very user-friendly and convenient.

For example, if you want to perform any Lifestyle DNA test, you can purchase the test you need and we will send you a Saliva sample collection kit. After collecting the saliva sample according to the attached instructions, you can send it back to us using the Omniva parcel machine. When we receive it back, we will perform the test you need and send you the results in a coded way by email. You can also get a consultation with a Geneticist online.

At the Stem Cell Centre, you will have the option to purchase the Cord blood Collection Kit and the Umbilical cord tissue Collection Kit with an initial fee.

Welcome to our online store! Use our services online!

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